The Best Paid and Free Stock APIs You Can Use in 2021

Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies and a prominent investor, said that we are investigating historical data by looking for anomalous patterns that we wouldn’t expect to happen randomly.

We can find these patterns more easily and clearly using the Stock API. With the development of technology, instead of data source providers that were in the sole hand of large companies such as Bloomberg, FactSet, Thompson Reuters, CapIQ and required to pay high fees to access, nowadays, there are paid Stock API and free Stock API for every type of user who wants to enter the stock market. You can get involved in digital commerce using the US Stock APIs in the market instead of paying high fees to large companies.

Below are examined according to various usage areas and needs, paid and free Stock APIs that offer different features and subscription packages are examined. By subscribing to one of these US Stock APIs that suits your needs, you can manage your algorithmic trading either as a hobby or professionally.

The best series of Stock APIs:

1-) Alpha Vantage

2-) Xignite

3-) Finage

4-) Intrinio

5-) IEX Cloud

6-) Tradier (and other brokers)

Best free exchange APIs:


IEX Cloud

Tradier (and other brokers)

  1. Alpha Vantage

When it comes to offering free data that everyone can use, we often see it at the top of such lists as there are not many Stock APIs that can surpass Alpha Vantage. It allows users to access the entire data library thanks to features such as 5 stock API calls / minute and 500 / day and does not require entering card information. They have a pricing based on your supplement usage if you want to call more frequently according to your trading strategy.

They have spreadsheet support and GitHub tracking. Therefore, its use is simple and straightforward. The historical data stock goes back 20 years. At the same time, FX, Crypto, access to technical indicators and YC is an API that can be preferred for hobbyists or professional users thanks to the Harvard Alumni initiative. The only downside to Alpha Vantage is that it doesn’t have a variety of alternative data. Does not contain different data other than technical indicators and industry performance and pricing

2. Xignite

Xignite, which is used as a financial data provider by high profile fintech and asset management companies such as Robinhood, Wealthfront, Betterment, Addepar, MoneyLion, is a data provider that should definitely be examined for those who want to collect Stock API calls as often as possible without worrying about the price.

With this data provider, which has no API limit and has one of the largest data selections, the region is paid per package. They differ by focusing on the market where the payments are made. It is also the best stock API as a technical infrastructure.

They have a 7-day trial Free Best Stock API and use their data as a service downloaded from the AWS cloud. The downside of this data provider is the price. As an example, a comparable package of Intrinio can cost more than five times on the Xignite platform. Therefore, if you are a serious investor and the fee you pay for the API is not a problem for you, you can use it.

3. Finage

Finage is one of the quality data providers where you can obtain real-time data powered by artificial intelligence and modern technologies in accordance with your algorithmic trading strategies. Even if you are interested in stock exchange as a hobby, Finage offers you the data quality it provides to large investor companies at the same price. The server, whose slogan is “financial data for everyone”, enables those who want to create financial applications and platforms to buy and sell financial data, applications, investor finance software and tools.

Finage provides real and historical data with global stocks, forex, cryptocurrency and key financial statements using Websocket with its API. Finage API provides up to 100% price accuracy and real-time stock price data compared to other expensive market data transmitters. Regardless of your account type or which country you trade from, all Finage users can access the stock API offered by Finage.

4. Intrinio

One of the most attractive things about the Intrinio data provider is its huge libraries of highly specific and alternative data with over 300 feeds.

You can find an instant solution when you experience problems, thanks to the advanced and accessible customer service. Their free trials are more limited, but they are enough for you to understand the package contents before deciding which package to buy. Generally, data previously provided by the Stock API is provided to the buyer in bulk. However, unlike other data providers, you only pay for the data products and packages you want on Intrinio. Thus, your investments and applications can become more focused and planned. Everything from Irish Stock Exchange prices to advanced analysis packages in the US is very detailed, so you can get exactly the data you need in your trading strategy. Also, user interfaces have student, starter, military and commercial prices. For someone who just wants to get basic price data, their platform can be overwhelming. When you start to acquire several different data regions, the price really starts to rise.

5. IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud is the market data service of IEX company. It covers both IEX exchange data and non-IEX information. It offers a really free option for the US Stock API and you can start searching at no cost. Continuously updated, some promising top-notch data feature has been added. US prices are OK, but when trying to return other exchange data, they may encounter some issues that are not as accurate as desired.

When it comes to pricing, you pay per message each month. You have a certain number of messages each month, and this is a unit they define in their message documents. Each API call returns a “data weighting” property and tells you how many messages you used to make that call. Message sizes are different and you determine how many messages you will use each month.

IEX Cloud may be the best among its cheap alternatives. It is ideal for those who will be interested as a hobby.

6. Tradier (and other brokers)

Tradier is one of the platforms that combines stock market data with trading platforms. You can immediately start receiving US delayed data (15 minutes) by signing up for developer platforms.

Most brokers should have something like this as standard, but if you have a full brokerage account deal with Tradier you also have the option of receiving real-time and international data. For the brokerage account, you do not have to pay any fees as long as you are trading on the platform.

Alternative Platforms:

Quandl: There are products similar to Intrinio and alternative data. If you can’t find what you want in Intrinio, you can check it here.

Tenant: is a foundations focused project still under construction

Brokerage Houses Containing Market Data:

Alpaca — USA only, but you can open a paper account and receive data and receive data from Finage with a real account. You can trade paper and retrieve data without actually having to open a brokerage account with them, and then upgrade when you’re ready.

Interactive Brokers — Another data and quantitative trading platform includes lots of tutorials to get you started.

ETRADE, Ally, Thinkorswim… Some big companies also have market data APIs. Fees and rate limits vary with each.

Follow the thoughts:

After the removal of the Google Finance stock API in 2012 and the Yahoo Finance Stock API in 2017, the market has been created with a wide variety of platforms that can serve all kinds of needs. An important point to note before get free Us stock data providers is that if a stock API provider offers certain exchange data without the need for you to sign an agreement with that particular exchange, it may often be illegal.

Some exchanges are very strict about who uses their data and most of the time you will have to pay them somehow if you use their data. Before purchasing or using a Stock data program, you should research it thoroughly.

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